Fund-Raising event

Public Talk Conference

12 Inspiring Talks in English
March, 11 Istanbul, Turkey

Enjoy inspiring speeches in English, engage in an international networking event in Istanbul and make a donation.

The conference has a big goal — to deliver meaningful ideas, bring people together and help Turkish people affected by the earthquake.

While listening to others you will reveal something meaningful about yourself.

You will hear 12 TED-style talks in English on a variety of topics, aimed at sharing valuable ideas and thoughts. On stage you will see amazing professionals who are immersed in what they are doing, open to new opportunities life has in store and willing to explore their potential.

It’s not just about listening — it’s also about international networking!

Enjoy the socializing opportunity, meet new people, get to expand your network with new contacts.

The guests of the event will explore networking opportunities and engage in a number of activities to meet new people and make useful connections.

Immerse yourself in the English-speaking environment

Enjoy 5 hours of a full-scale international event in the heart of Istanbul. You will get a chance to substantially expand your command of English by listening to speakers as well as engaging with the participants of the event from all over the globe.

During the event you can donate any amount to help Turkish people affected by the earthquake.

All the funds raised will be forwarded to Yasmin Multilanguage Center actively engaged in supporting families from the earthquake-stricken areas.

Public Talk Afterparty
Make the most of your Public Talk experience. Join the afterparty to socialize with the speakers, authors and jury of the project, engage with other participants and expand your network.

We have prepared a marvelous dining and talking experience at an amazing venue overlooking Istanbul where you can enjoy delicious food and engage in meaningful conversations.


Amazing professionals who are immersed in what they are doing

Bright memorable performances, networking and Turkish snacks
We unite guests from all over the world in the heart of Istanbul
The speakers of the Public Talk Conference are professionals in various fields united by the passion of celebrating life and making the world a better place.

The speakers will present their ideas to an international audience and a renowned jury — organizers of TEDx conferences, public speaking trainers and speakers producers.
  • Irina Barzhak
    Co-founder Mindsafe, conflictologist, public speaking trainer.
    Go beyond
  • Sergey Vasiliev
    Trainer and expert in oratorical skills.
    Artist, singer, and director at the Stanislavsky Electrotheater.
    I did it my way
  • Dana Sabitova
    Expert in assistants recruitment and training in Kazakhstan.
    Role model
  • Svetlana Podgornaya
    Co-founder Kagami Digital. Social media analysis industry evangelist
    Propaganda is in my head
  • Yulia Dyachenko
    Businesswoman with 20+ years of experience in media, developing IT startups.
    Contemporary Abstract Artist. Eurasian Art Union member
    The butterfly effect
  • Nadine Traktova
    Public Talk Conference 1 speaker, Business English trainer.
    Comparing yourself to others is a tricky thing
  • Vera Veselova
    Ambassador of inner comfort and self-reliance. Mom,doctor, teacher,dancer.
    How to allow yourself to be imperfect?
  • Daria Pavlova
    Financial analyst.
    Does anyone need higher education anymore?
  • Oksana Roenko
    English teacher & life-coach.
    Always do what you’re afraid to do
  • Julia Fathullina
    Founder of “Mentoring Orphans” social project. Project launch expert
    What will I be when I grow up?
  • Alexander Panev
    CDO Okko and data-driven decision making promoter with more than 10 years experience
    A simple way to find common ground with anyone
  • Elena Latysh
    Hypnotherapist, speaker, author of “Experience is a game to change consciousness” book and hypnosis courses. Very strong but feminine
    I am choosing myself
Event program

When: March, 11

Where: Profilo Kültür Merkezi, Gülbağ Mah. Cemal Sahir Sk. No:33 Profilo Avm İçi ZA/34 Şişli / İstanbul

12:00 – 12:30
Registration, networking
12:30 – 12:40
Opening ceremony
Networking session
12:50 – 14:00
Inspiring speeches
Coffee-break, networking
14:20 – 16:10
Inspiring speeches
16:10 – 16:30
16:30 - 17:00
Public Talk Awards
19:00 - 22:00
Organizers and Hosts

Founders of Star Talk Language School

Business Trainers, Business English Teachers, Cross-Cultural Communication Trainers, Public Talk Project Authors and Trainers.

Immerse yourself in the Public Talk atmosphere! Feel the inspiration and power of the word! Recharge with the powerful energy of the speakers and make useful acquaintances by becoming part of the international community in Istanbul!
16 USD / 300 lira / 1500 rub
55 USD
till March, 4

  • 12 Inspiring Talks in English
  • Networking
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70 USD / 1300 lira / 4800rub
116 USD
till March, 4
Conference + After party

  • 12 Inspiring Talks in English
  • Networking
  • After party
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Address: Gülbağ Mah. Cemal Sahir Sk. No:33 Profilo Avm İçi Profilo Kültür Merkezi ZA/34 Şişli / İstanbul

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