Public Talk Conference

Women Global Leaders

January, 27

Dubai, UAE

Enjoy inspiring talks in English, engage in an international networking event and boost your own public speaking skills in the heart of Dubai

Public Talk Conference

Women Global Leaders

January, 27

Dubai, UAE

Enjoy inspiring talks in English, engage in an international networking event and boost your own public speaking skills in the heart of Dubai

The conference has a big goal — to deliver meaningful ideas and bring people together.

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While listening to others you will reveal something meaningful about yourself.
You will hear 10 TED-style talks in English on a variety of topics, aimed at sharing valuable ideas and thoughts. On stage you will see amazing professionals who are immersed in what they are doing, open to new opportunities life has in store and willing to explore their potential.

It’s not just about listening — it’s about developing networking and public speaking skills

Enjoy the socializing opportunity, meet new people, and get to expand your network with new contacts.

The guests of the event will explore networking opportunities and engage in a number of activities to meet new people and make useful connections.

Immerse yourself in the English-speaking environment

Enjoy 7 hours of a full-scale international event in the heart of Dubai. You will get a chance to substantially expand your command of English by listening to speakers as well as engaging with the participants of the event from all over the globe.


Amazing professionals from 5 different countries sharing their breakthrough ideas

Bright memorable performances, networking activities and public speaking workshops
We unite guests from all over the world in the heart of Dubai
The Partner of the Event: Host Theatre
Part of our event will include theatrical games for communication, concentration and being flexible in the minds provided by Host Theatre.

Host Theatre project is a combination of theatre, fascinating stories, and luxurious locations. The elegant hotels from our collection become a scene for all our performances. And the story unfolds right in front of the audience.


The speakers of the Public Talk Conference are professionals in various fields united by the passion of celebrating life and making the world a better place.

  • Fairuz Akbaeva
    Businesswoman, the founder of the language studio Edu-Club
    A French teacher at the North Caucasian State Academy
    Organizes tours for women around the world showing them different countries, giving inspiration and showing how important it is to know English
    Living Your Best Life
  • Marina Boyarkina
    The project manager of the international department
    Main hobbies in life are languages, travel and music
    Playing the piano
    Embroidering with bisser
    Dreaming of mastering the drums and getting to the Ramstein concert
    Queen's Solitude
  • Anna Gracheva
    Personal brand and public awareness mentor for experts and entrepreneurs
    ICF coach, entrepreneur, speaker, member of CIS Speakers Association
    The mother of 3 children
    Loves to dance, sing and develop herself
    Fear of Vulnerability
  • Irina Barzhak
    The founder of the Public Speaking Institute
    Co-founder of Mindsafe
    The President of the International Association of Psychologists
    Social psychologist, conflictologist, public speaking trainer
    1 Minute that Changes Everything
  • Alexandra Ivanchenko
    Postgraduate student of the International Law Department in the Russian Presidential Academy
    Language teacher at StarTalk
    Corporate education adviser and coordinator
    Lover of impressionism, vocal jazz and exploring our world
  • Victoria Vitchenco

    Follows the principle of sheer practicality in business and life

    Executive coach PCC ICF for entrepreneurs, top managers and their teams

    Harvard Business School graduate

    Has been running an international logistics company for 15 years

    The Butterfly Wing that Matters
  • Aizhan Nugmanova
    Business Analyst & IT Co-Partner from Kazakhstan living in Abu Dhabi
    Multilingual learner
    Makeup enthusiast
    Blogger with positive mindset, big dreams and life goals
    Choosing Healthy
  • Marianna Prokopenkova
    Master’s degree student on the program English for International Business Conferences
    English teacher
    The author of 5 articles on Linguistics
    A person who is in love with traveling around the world and teaching modern English for every day communication and business purposes
    The Power of Small Steps
  • Victoria Krasnova
    Seasoned executive driving digital transformations for large organisations
    Follow the Data
  • Ekaterina Linkevich
    Expert in the field of data driven transformation, customer value management, creation and launch of innovative digital products on the market
    Implemented a number of projects to create and develop big data departments from scratch
    One of the first managers to begin the development of big data in Russia
  • Assiya Akhmetova
    Visa and Immigration Expert supporting foreign workers and TOP Forbes 50.
    Keen on traveling, child psychology, charity
    Kelin. Nowadays
Event program

January, 27 (Sunday)

14:00 – 14:30
Registration, networking
Drinks and snacks
14:30 – 14:45
Host Theatre Show
14:45 – 15:00
Opening ceremony
15:00 – 15:15
Networking session
Drinks and snacks
15:15 – 16:30
Inspiring talks
16:30 – 17:00
Coffee-break, networking
17:00 – 18:40
Inspiring talks
18:40 – 19:00
Public Talk Awards
Organizers and Hosts

Founders of Star Talk Language School

Business Trainers, Business English Teachers, Cross-Cultural Communication Trainers, Public Talk Project Authors and Trainers.

Event Partners
Immerse yourself in the Public Talk atmosphere! Feel the inspiration and power of the word! Recharge with the powerful energy of the speakers and make useful acquaintances by becoming part of the international community in Dubai!

150 100 USD till Dec, 30

150 130 USD from Jan, 1 till Jan, 14

150 USD after Jan, 15

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Public Talk Conference
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