Public Talk Conference

Empowering People

20 April (Saturday) 14:00-19:00


Garazhane, Бумажный пр-д, 14с1

Enjoy inspiring talks, engage in networking with like-minded people and rejoice in the English speaking atmosphere

Public Talk Conference

Empowering People

20 April (Saturday) 14:00-19:00


Garazhane, Бумажный пр-д, 14с1

Enjoy inspiring talks, engage in networking with like-minded people and rejoice in the English speaking atmosphere

The conference has a big goal — to deliver meaningful ideas and bring people together.

You will hear sincere stories of people who make the world a better place on a daily basis by working, helping, teaching, supporting and empowering people.

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Amazing experts from 5 different countries sharing their breakthrough ideas

Bright memorable performances and networking activities
Interesting people who might become part of your social network

Authors and Hosts

Ekaterina Belyatinskaya and Ekaterina Chegnova

Founders of Star Talk Language School

Business Trainers, Public Speaking Trainers, Cross-Cultural Communication Experts, Authors of Public Talk Project, TEDx Speaker Curators


Yulia Svetikova

Producer of Trendy English conferences

Co-founder of Fresh Start language centre

Helps teacherpreneurs to find better solutions for their business

An inspiring conference for like-minded people open to new ideas and acquaintances
Leaders and entrepreneurs
HRDs and HR specialists
Industry experts
While listening to others you will reveal something meaningful about yourself.
You will hear 10 TED-style talks in English on a variety of topics, aimed at sharing valuable ideas and thoughts. On stage you will see amazing professionals who are immersed in what they are doing, open to new opportunities life has in store and willing to explore their potential.
It’s not just about listening — it’s about developing networking skills

Meet new people and get to expand your network with useful contacts.

The guests of the event will explore networking opportunities and engage in a number of activities to meet new people and make useful connections.

Immerse yourself in the English-speaking environment

Enjoy 5 hours of a full-scale international event. You will get a chance to substantially expand your command of English by listening to speakers as well as engaging with the participants of the event from all over the globe.

Join a private club of like-minded professionals
Meet like-minded people who are on a similar level of corporate hierarchy and professional development. Meet women global leaders from such industries as IT, Recruitment Development, Brand Management, Education, Psychology, etc. who will tell their real stories and share their success and failures.
Revitalizing Atmosphere
Make the most of your Public Talk experience. You can enjoy inspiring talks as well as engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded people.

We will be happy to facilitate a networking session and treat you with prosecco and soft drinks.

What's more, we have prepared a surprise lottery for the participants where you will get a chance to win a nice gift that will help you reach new heights.


The speakers of the Public Talk Conference are professionals in various fields united by the passion of celebrating life and making a difference by empowering people

  • Elena Chirkova
    Star Talk Language School Managing Partner and Executive Director
    Soft Management
  • Alexey Lebedev

    Freelance Swedish teacher

    Public speaking consultant for teachers

    Coursebook voice artist

    Artist, lyricist, polyglot, Eurovision-nerd and a bit of a stand-up comedian

    Life is a Coloring Book
  • Alexandra Sumenkova

    ​​English communication teacher at StarTalk

    Business assistant

    Mother of four beautiful children

    The Flow of Life’s Progression
  • Alua Nurbay

    MSc Finance with Risk Management

    President of the Association of Consulting and Trading Companies

    Founder and director of the business school LLP "Native Language Solutions"

    Mentor of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Center in Almaty, Kazakhstan

    Senior Lecturer at the Kazakh British Technical University

    Member of the independent expert commission JSC "Center for International Programs"

    Member of the Research Group of the Nazarbayev University Research Center forEntrepreneurship (NURCE)

    The Balancing Act
  • Svetlana Goncharova

    Emotional intelligence development & ICF coach

    Brand strategist, graphic designer, blogger, speaker, entrepreneur

    Singer, dancer, traveler, the aesthetician

    Love is the highest value. The first radio on which song was played was Love radio

    The journey to a dream through unconditional love
  • Aigerim Tarbagatayeva

    Business Trainer, Life Coach, and Mentor.

    Life-Long Learning Developer

    Head of the Association of Business-trainers, member of the expert committee of Samruk Business Academy, team member of NURCE, mentor of CIP "Bolashak", team member of the research project at Business School of Imperial College London.

    Mother of 2 sons

    How Life-Long Learning Transforms Life Standards
  • Elena Fedisheva
    Ambassador of the Russian Language all across the world
    Teacher and translator
    Believes that emotions are the driving life power and helps people reveal them

    I wish for people to enjoy learning and build up a long-term learning strategy with a clear understanding that the language is a living being. Game is one of the key learning tools.
    Don't Be Afraid to Be a Kid
  • Nadine Traktova
    Business English Teacher
    15+ years international business experience

    International Public Talk Speaker in Moscow and Istanbul
    Prepares speakers to give inspiring TED-style talks in English as well as business presentations
    How to Draw Your Inspiration from All Bits of Your Life?

Keynote Speakers

  • Kristina Ryazantseva

    Head of Corporate Culture Department at ПЭК

    Business trainer in the financial sector

    Internal communications at a leasing company

    Project management for internal communications at Megapolis Media Media Holding

    Corporate culture in logistics

    1st place in the Nomination of Corporate Event of the Year with the ПЭК: TED project. Crystal Pyramid Awards, 2024

    How to Ignite Hearts. Experience of a Corporate TED-Style Event
  • Ekaterina Chegnova
    Co-founder of the international project Public Talk and Star Talk Language School
    MPGU docent
    English communication coach
    TEDx Speaker, Speaker at various international conferences
    Co-author of a unique course on Effective Strategies in Intercultural Communication
    The Art of Networking

Musical performances by bright artists

You will hear original and globally renowned compositions in different languages and fully re-energize yourself


The members of the jury are experts in various areas of public speaking united by the passion to help people express their ideas on stage in a clear and meaningful way. The task will be to assess the talks and choose the winner among the speakers.
  • Yulia Khamitova

    Actress, producer, coach, self-presentation and personal brand trainer

    Director of Acting Lab “One Sixth”

    Founder of international platform “Casting Bridge”

    Organizer of round tables with cinema champions

    Social Activist

  • Tatiana Maki
    Producer and founder of the platform for speakers and organizers Host of the YouTube podcast "Топспикер"
  • Maria Kostromina
    Business consultant, Mentor of Evgeniy Kalinin’s school of trackers
  • Maria Balashova
    Dean of the Synergy Business School, member of the Council of the Russian Association of Business Education (РАБО), expert of the National Council for Assessment of the Quality of Business Education (НАСДОБР), PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Marina Prudnikova
    ICF Certified Coach (Advanced Mindset and Manifestation Coach), NLP practitioner, Speaker, member of the international community Toastmasters International™ (2021−2022 Club President WorldSurfers, 2022−2023 Area Director F1, 2023−2024 Vice President Education) Presenter and organizer of educational events at Toastmasters International™ Division F, Author and presenter of workshops for beginners on their way in the mastery of presentation "Public speaking. Basics", Expert in the field of foreign economic activity
  • Tatiana Panina
    Performance Coach Theater teacher Founder of the online speech club "Мне есть что сказать"
Event program

When: April, 20

Where: Garazhane Gastropub

Бумажный проезд, 14, стр. 1

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14:00 – 14:30
Registration, networking
Prosecco and soft drinks
14:30 – 14:45
Opening ceremony
14:45 – 15:00
Networking session
15:00 – 16:20
Inspiring talks
16:20 – 16:50
Coffee Break
Prosecco and soft drinks
16:50 – 18:20
Inspiring talks
18:20 – 18:40
Music Performances
18:40 – 19:00
Public Talk Awards
Public Talk Conference.
Empowering People
Immerse yourself in the Public Talk atmosphere! Feel the power of the word! Recharge with the powerful energy of the speakers and make useful acquaintances by becoming part of a proactive community in Moscow!
There are 10 tickets left
4000 rub
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5000 rub
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6000 rub
4 000 rub
The price includes:

  • Inspiring Talks

  • Networking

  • Coffee Breaks

  • Prosecco and Soft Drinks

  • Music Program
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