Public Talk Teens
Give a TED-Style Talk in English
A unique project for talented teenagers that will help them unleash their potential as inspiring speakers, learn how to eloquently convey their thoughts, develop public speaking skills, and improve their English in an unconventional way.

About the project

The project combines the expertise of public speaking trainers who created the international Public Talk project and unlocked an opportunity for 60+ speakers to go on stages of Istanbul, Yerevan, Moscow, Astana and Cyprus and share inspiring ideas in a legendary TED-style.
The trainers are experts in public speaking skills, each specializing in different aspects: audience analysis and finding inspiring ideas, speech structure, argumentation and language, delivery, presentation skills, acting, and non-verbal communication.

As part of the teen training program, we have enlisted talented instructors who use advanced teaching methods for teenagers and will act as mentors and buddies, accompanying them on their journey into the world of inspiring speaking.
What will participants learn?
  • To give TED-style talks
    The participants will learn to generate ideas and to give persuasive and inspiring speeches as well as feel confident on stage.
  • To make an impact on the audience
    You will acquire persuasive and fast argumentation tecniques as well as learn to affect the audience within limited time frame.
  • To manage emotions
    The participants will learn how to present their thoughts and ideas by making use of their emotions to enrich their talks.
  • To give an effective self-presentation in English
    You will learn to present yourself and your ideas, how to create powerful visuals to get your message across.
  • To speak eloquently and clearly
    The participants will acquire the skills to use English emphasis, intonation and pausing to sound better.
  • To boost your English level
    With the help and encouragement from our TOP public speaking coaches, you will overcome the language barrier and boost your English speaking skills to reach the level where you will be able to give a full TED-Talk on an international stage.
Тренеры проекта
  • Kate Belyatinskaya
    • Co-founder of the international project, Public Talk
    • Co-founder of Star Talk Language School
    • Senior Lecturer at Higher School of Economics
    • English communication coach
    • Business Trainer
    • Speaker of various business conferences
    • Co-author of a unique course on Effective Strategies in Intercultural Communication
  • Kate Chegnova
    • Co-founder of the international project, Public Talk
    • Co-founder of Star Talk Language School
    • MPGU docent
    • English communication coach for various schools
    • Speaker at various conferences for English teachers
    • Co-author of a unique course on Effective Strategies in Intercultural Communication
  • Irina Barzhak
    • Founder of the Public Speaking Institute
    • Co-founder of Mindsafe
    • President of the International Association of Psychologists, social psychologist, conflictologist, public speaking trainer
  • Dmitry Strigin
    • Actor, singer, performer in Moscow musicals
    • Senior lecturer on English and drama-expert at London Gates Education Group
    • Vocal coach teaching English through musical
    • Author of methodology of lteaching English through theater and musical.
  • Daria Yarova
    • English teacher with more than 6 years experience
    • Master’s degree student at Moscow Pedagogical State University
    • Public talk speaker
    • Person who believes that studying English helps you achieve more
  • Aizhan Serikzhanova
    • Tedxorganizer at TEDXNazarbayevUniversity
    • Speaker curator
    • Speechwriter
  • Akbota Sabetova
    • Career mentor
    • Team leader, judge, chief and facilitator of public speaking and networking events.
Class Schedule
  • Class schedule
    2 sessions per week
    each lasting 90 minutes
  • Participant age range
    12 to 17 years old
  • English proficiency level
    Intermediate (B1+)
The Public Talk Teens course includes
  • 14 training sessions lasting 90 minutes each
    We will cover various aspects of public speaking: idea generation, structure and delivery methods, rational and emotional argumentation, English stylistics and phonetics, improvisation, acting skills, non-verbal communication, and effective presentation.
  • 14 creative homework assignments
    with feedback from mentors
  • 4 personal meetings with trainers
  • 4 group rehearsals
  • 2 performances on a big stage
     December 2023 - Moscow
     January 2024 - Dubai
  • Certificate of course completion
Participation price
Early Bird
Until October, 6
$2 000
Regular Price
From October, 7
$2 300
If your child is talented and  dreams of reaching their full potential, this project is for them!